Lockdown Bookz

High quality magazines featuring your favorite models



  • Type in inmate number next to their last name when ordering.
  • We DO NOT ship out of the U.S. 
  • Please read the full description for the DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.
  • If we don't have the magazine you have chosen, we will replace it.
  • Shipping takes no less than 12 business days. Weekends and holidays are not included. 
  • Pre-Ordered magazines will take longer to ship because they are not available right away.
  • Dates of Pre-Orders are subject to change. 
  • Cover designs are subject to change but the content will remain.
  • Inmates must keep count of their magazines ordered.
  • No refunds. No returns. No exchanges.
  • Inmates can send money.
  • There is only payment with a credit/debit card in this site. No money orders, no personal checks, no prison checks.